World Exchange

What's Birge like in the representation of many people? According to Hollywood movies, it's a place where a bunch of nervous guys are going. They're standing there, staring at some numbers pills, and, uh, breathing cigarette smoke, they keep waving their hands and yelling that they buy one and sell another.

What is Birja really? Turns out everything's not exactly like Hollywood. I mean, it's been like that, but the time of the exchange pit is just the place with the screaming men, practically the summer. Modern brokers, specialists and traders can and will go as they used to, but now they're doing it at their homes and offices. Almost all exchanges are now electronic, which means that tenders are placed there on closed electronic communication systems and displayed in the common trading system.

The system works as a professional swaha. For example, someone's looking for a dollar for seventy-four roubles. The buyer in this case is the groom and his application is the requirements for the future spouse. The system works incredibly scrupulously, and if the seller is, it's connected to the buyer of the heart immediately to the dust of the common exchange passion. Swaha did his job, the mocking souls found each other, the deal went on, and it's not gonna work out, it's not gonna be a divorce. Magic of modern technology in action.

In Russia, the face of the market is Moscow Birja. As a holding, it has not been a long time ago, but it has already established itself as a fair and reliable company. To date, the Moscow Birja is the organizer of bidding, bonds, derivatives, currency, money market instruments and precious metals. In other words, if the Moscow Birge were your wife, you'd be in her face with a kitchen owner and a tiger in bed and a queen in public. The Moscow Exchange is not shy to sit on all the chairs at once and do whatever it takes to do.

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