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Ludwig Beethoven once said, "I don't know other signs of superiority other than goodness. If a man does not have a great soul, he cannot be a great artist.”

What was right then is right now. With thrill and love, I want to introduce you to a true artist, a great fairy tale and a knowledge of human souls. Meet Hayao Miyazaki.

Joe Hisaishi - Yuugure No Kaze

There's nothing to say about Hayao Miyazaki. He's one of the world's most famous multipliers and directors, the artist of wonderful worlds and fantastic, magical stories for children and adults. Its contribution to the animation is generally assessed as " nothing comparable " . You won't find a corner around the world where you don't know or love Mr. Miyazaki. One person once observed: " For my children, there is no better school than Miyazaki-san ' s Multyms. His creativity is fascinatingly beautiful, it is fulfilled by sincere love for life and goodness for the future. Ghosts such as the Laputa Heaven Castle, My Neighbour Totoro and Ghosts have done more for my children than any educational program - these multilms have taught them to remain happy in anything.

And here is Miyazaki: " I see my task to reach true, forgotten, buried values. Even from everyday life, they disappeared. Only in a child can they be found in natural, natural form. Because through my films, I turn to the souls of the children. "

Family - Children

Miyazaki came to light on 5 January 1941 in a special area in Tokyo, during wartime. His father was the director of a major aircraft company, Miyazaki Airplane, so Miyazaki had blood on the air. Virtually each of his cartoons shows aircraft. And films such as Porco Rosso or Winds are directly linked to planes and flights. Miyazaki admits: "The planes are beautiful when they're in the air. One day, I almost bought out of America one of the classic Zero planes because I wanted to see him flying over high-voltage wires. But my wife recommended that I stop being an idiot, so it didn't happen. "

Miyazaki ' s mother was a Tuberculosis, which often led the boy ' s family to move from town to town to attend different clinics. Frequent moves put their print on young Hayao. He met different people, looked at Japan and gradually opened up his home country culture.

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