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Photo: Richard Drew/AP

New York Stock Exchange

Photo: Richard Drew/AP

American stock markets followed European markets in the red zone. On a minimum, the SP 500 index fell by more than 3.5 per cent, the NASDAQ high-tech index by almost 4 per cent. On the eve, American shares showed an increase of about 1 per cent.

The first, following the British referendum on the withdrawal of the country from the European Union (Brexit), the stock trades began to fall. The minimum value of the SBCP 500 index, which takes into account the equity quotations of the 500 most expensive public companies in the United States, fell to 2038, 6, which is more than 3.5 per cent lower than the closing of the Thursday. So low SPO 500 has not been down since mid-May 2016.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI) index, based on the quotations of the 30 largest companies in the United States, dropped by about 3 per cent, to 17472 points. At the same time, the NASDAQ composite index, which trades over 5,000 companies, fell by almost 4 per cent, falling to 4715, 79 points. This is the lowest since 19 May 2016.

The price of shares of companies, such as Goldman Sachs (at a minimum cost of about 7 per cent), JPMorgan (-6, 5 per cent), American Express (-5%), Visa (-4, 7 per cent) and Boeing (-4, 71 per cent) has fallen markedly.

Funding trade in Europe also began on Friday with a decline in quotations, but in European areas the fall was deeper than in the United States. For example, Spanish IBEX 35 fell by more than 11 per cent, French CAC 40 by almost 10 per cent, German DAX by more than 7 per cent.

The main index of the London FTSE 100 market fell by 8.6 per cent, with British banks losing a third of the value at the opening. Barclays stock fell by 30%, Royal Bank of Scotland by 35%, Lloyd's Bank by 30% at opening.

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