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NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, CBOT, CBOE, COMEX and other trade areas, as well as FOREX, online. The database contains: shares, indices, including industry, options, futures, currency couples, as well as billboards. To see the necessary financial instrument, put him in a tiker. If you don't remember the ticker, or you don't know him, insert the name of the tool into the search form of the view, the menu that floats will provide the available versions from the database. When default is downloaded, the dollar/rule is open.

Use the left shaft to work with graphic tools. At your service, the same set of key technical indicators. Compare ' s button allows several tools to be compared in one screen at the same time. For example, Sberbank vs MWB Indices, or the MWB Index vs SP500. In order to make visual use, the service will work on a large screen schedule (F11).

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