чем кризис 2008-2009 годов

Crisis 2008-2009

Economic crisis - Domestic demand and supply imbalance for goods and services. According to theory, the economic crisis is a phase of an economic cycle consisting of the ups and downs of the economy. World economic crisis - The spread of this imbalance to most of the world economy.

Other economic crisis - The phase of the economic cycle during which reproduces are forcibly restored. There is an absolute decline in production, a lack of capacity, an increase in unemployment, currency and financial irregularities, and the other. This is very similar to the 2008 economic crisis.

Economic cycle - The period of time during which the economy is taking four phases of development: rising, high-priority, recession and crisis.

Financial and economic crisis. What's the difference?

The difference between the financial and economic crisis is that the first is the cause of the second. However, the economic crisis is not always due to the financial crisis.

The economy consists of the financial system (virtual sector of the economy) and the production of goods and non-financial services (real sector of the economy). The economic crisis begins when the financial crisis begins to affect the real production of goods and services.

As a result of the crisis in the bloodshed system of the economy, other parts of the whole are beginning to suffer, which is reflected in two types of economic crises: a crisis of reproducing or a crisis of underproduction.

The economic crisis in Russia started in 2008

Despite the fact that the financial crisis has been reported since the beginning of the autumn of 2008, the economic crisis in Russia has been said and written less. Meanwhile, the economic crisis in 2008 affected most of the economically active population of Russia. Most of the country ' s enterprises are reducing staff or reducing wages and sending workers on forced leave. Unemployment in Russia is growing.

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