Стрит: Деньги не спят

Money Doesn't Sleep

In today ' s issue, we will recall one of the most incredible debaubles of modern cinematography, the director who deserves success, both his outstanding dramas and the desperate hooligans, the man behind his rich parents, Viet Nam and several arrests. His name. Oliver Stone

William Oliver Stone was born in 1946 in a secure American family. His father, Louis Stone, was a successful stockbroker, and he didn't spoil his son with a superfluous parental lasche, limited to serious business conversations and official hands. Oliver's mother didn't pay much attention to her son, so little Oliver felt completely abandoned, and so he sought refuge in creative activities: he wrote stories and made amateur plays. After the end of the private school, Oliver went to Yale University, but he left him in a year and went to Viet Nam to teach English for several years. When he returned to the U.S., Oliver realized that he had no place to go back to Southeast Asia, this time as an infantry of the U.S. Army. The war has made Stone irreparable: he's drugged, disappointed in his country's life and politics. After the war, Oliver, in the search for a way to repel the accumulated rage, signed up for the film directorships, after which he began to write the scenarios, one of which, under the name " Popular Express " , fired and received an Oscar award. Since then, Oliver has begun to test himself in the directory and has already appeared quite soon to be the masters of the world ' s films, such as the Wool and Wall Street.

"I'm not great. I'm a scumbag like you trying to survive in this crazy world.”

Oliver Stone ' s main destructive bias is drugs, whose protection he speaks dust in numerous interviews. Stone's a big amateur to smoke pots or gashis, and doesn't miss a case of interpretation of the indisputable virtues of hallucinogens, among which Stone is distributing LSD. Such habits have caused many problems, both the director and his family and loved ones. One day, he put LSD in the wine and gave him a drink to his father, wanting him to join in this questionable pleasure. With the return to reality, Louis Stone left the exit without special attention and did not report on his own son, who had been served on several occasions during his police problems.

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