Бык на Уолл‑стрит, Нью‑Йорк

Wall Street Impact

A hungover, a tiny Chijik-Policy, Hachiko, Bobby and White Beam Black Hoo, patient hosts, a scientist and his skilled cat, a " walker " , a duck with multiple leads, stubborn bull and pigs... We went through the cities of the world and gathered a collection of the most famous and original animal monuments. Watch and admire!

Wall Street, New York, USA

There's a huge bronze bull at the crossroadway of Broadway and Statebrite. The sculpture of an undeclared animal is a vibe of spoilers and a symbol of the world of purity. The bull's supposed to be good at business, you just have to hold him for the horn. However, the skin is polishing the bronze giant not only with the head, but also with the lower and very prominent parts of the body.

Hachiko, Tokyo, Japan

The sculpture was installed in 1934, still in Hatiko's life. By then, he was a celebrity, written in the papers and admired his dedication. Every day, until his death in 1935, Hatiko came to the Sibuya station and waited for the return of the deceased master, Professor Hidasaburo Weno University of Tokyo. An example of seldom even for a loyalty dog was asked for on the screen. In 1987, a Japanese film entitled " History of Hachiko " was produced. And in 2009, the Hollywood Romany, entitled " Hatico: the most loyal friend " . After that, the Japanese dog became a real cult all over the world, and his name was screaming.

Whispering nose, Potsdam, Germany

The sculpture of the white African nose was established in 2005 in the natural value of straps to metal carcasus. The author of the work, an Italian artist and sculptor Stephano Bombardieri, made him look depressed and sad, sympathetic. And he won some prestigious awards. By the way, the white nostril meets much less than he'll be assembled, the African black nose. He's not white at all, but he's dirty.

Памятник Чижику‑Пыжику, Санкт‑Петербург, Россия «Равальский кот», Барселона, Испания «Дайте дорогу утятам!», Бостон, США
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