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Launch Of The Global Economic Crisis

Флаг УкраиныThe Economist analysts predict that the world economy is on the brink of a global crisis. This is related to the problems of developing countries and the Eurasians, as well as to the slowdown of the growth of the United States economy.

This opinion is not accepted by the economic observer of the Guardian publication. Larry Elliott. In the expert ' s view, it would be a year of relatively quiet life before the problems returned to their knowledge.

In the Radio Stolica Voice, Irina Climenco, Chief Advisor of the Institute for Strategic Studies of New Ukraine, predicted the high probability of a new global crisis in 2016.

Флаг ЕвросоюзаWhat is the state of the world economy at the beginning of 2016?

♪ This year began to be quite disturbing, as world markets and the largest economies are unstable, currency fluctuations, falls of stock indices, China in January showed strange events for the rest of the world, even threatening events. After that, they said that a global crisis could indeed begin.

How do you comment on the forecast of the new crisis?

♪ The crisis is a rebalance process. In the world economy, there are players with established positions, they have established relationships, they have found their balance sheets, their place in the division of labour, something that produces and can improve lives within their countries. But when someone's got a change, then others have to react. And then it can be said that this rebalancing process began. If the vast majority of players have become worse for some time, then it can be said that the crisis has come. ♪ 2008 It started in some countries, then began to contaminate, as economists say, the chain to other countries. But there has been a crisis in every country differently. And when a question is raised, and whether it is worth fearing, it may be a question of whether a particular country will be able to adapt to these conditions and win from this overbalance. In fact, economists are now trying to take a broader look at the period and look at developments since the 1970s.

What happened during this time period?

♪ In 1970, oil prices were the factor that affected the whole world. Oil prices are also a factor that makes it worrying that the countries that earned it are losing their income.Кристин Лагард переизбрана главой МВФ The situation could have a major impact on other economies, as well as on other countries. When economists speak of 1970 when oil prices were high, developed countries that are not producers or oil-producing countries have begun to adapt. This is the US, EU, Japan. The latter was a breakthrough in the 1980s and became a leader in the world market for high technology. Indeed, it is a question of whether a particular country can adapt to this.

George Soros said the new wind of the world crisis was on the verge. According to him, the crisis could be triggered by the fact that China was currently trying to find a new model of growth and the devaluation of the yuan. Comment the words of this financier.

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