Causes Of The Global Financial Crisis

Unannounced economic war between Europe and the United States

Over the past months, the media has reported a decline in the shares of the largest German lending institution, Deutsche Bank. Thus, on the last day of September, bank shares in the Frankfurt Exchange fell by 9 per cent, and on the New York Exchange by 7 per cent. Some commentators rushed to call it a point of non-return. Simply to say, they announced the patient's death.

Since the beginning of this year, the market capitalization of Deutsche Bank has fallen twice. Developments with the Bank are part of the overall deterioration of the financial situation of the European Union banking sector. However, very little is written. There is suspicion that a heightened interest in the Deutsche Bank is being deliberately heated by someone to further exacerbate its situation.

Sensational reports that the bank is on the verge of bankruptcy are complemented by a series of official actions that actually bring Deutsche Bank to death. We recall at least the loud statement made by the International Monetary Fund at the beginning of this year. IMF referred to Deutsche Bank as " Catastrophic " . It's a really sensational statement. And not only because Deutsche Bank is one of the world ' s largest lending organizations in the category of systemic banks. There is an unwritten rule: such banks are not subject to public assessments. For decades, IMF has never allowed itself to cumbersome assessments of individual financial institutions, this has happened for the first time.

At about the same time, the Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi, called the Deutsche Bank the main financial problem of Europe. If Renzi was defending Italian banks against European Union officials, why not use any other defence? Let's just say, bring the figures across the European banking system (this picture is depressing) or translate the arrow into Greece or Portugal, where the banking system is worse than Italy?

Got a poisoned arrow in Deutsche Bank and George Soros. Immediately after a British referendum to withdraw from the EU, the financial speculator sold his shares to the German bank (approximately 0, 5 per cent of all bank shares, total sales of about 100 million euros). Soros is not just a speculator. He is seen by many as a “financial prophet” who knows what will happen to an institution. Operation Soros on the way out of Deutsche Bank put oil in the fire, the bank's stock quotes went down faster.

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