Причины мирового

Causes Of The Global Economic Crisis

Причины мирового кризиса 2008 годаIn this article, we will examine the causes of the 2008 world crisis, which, by scale and effect, was only comparable to the Great Depression. We'll put aside the conpirological theories and focus exclusively on the facts we have. This global crisis has been so strong that it has not been overcome to date. That's why every man on the planet should know his reasons, because he touched us all.

As has already been said, we will not consider theories that caused this crisis by someone on purpose. At least because the economy is incredibly difficult to read. The cause of the global crisis may have been the basic human greed (unsecured mortgage). And for her to be called, there's absolutely no need to do anything about it, it's happening on its own. Of course, the consequences of the crisis could well be earned, but it could be artificially summoned so that no one would suspect these people. It's up to you.

Unsecured mortgage bubble

In the United States, the demand for housing by the population increased from 2001 to 2005. At that time, real estate prices grew and Americans began to take very advantageous mortgages. It didn't matter how creditworthy a man was. Subprime loans have begun to be issued in America, which has meant " unreliable " . I mean, any American (although unemployed) could take that credit and build a huge house. Why did the banks give bad loans? They assumed that if a man could not pay for the house, he could be confiscated and then sold more expensive, because prices, like, grew up. Why would people buy a loan at home if they knew they couldn't get the mortgage? They were hoping that they could sell this house at a higher price, and they'd even be able to press it. It's beautiful, you buy a house, you live in it for a couple of years while you can repay the credit, and then you sell it and you'll have more money on your hands than when you borrowed the house.

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