причины мирового кризиса

Causes Of The Global Crisis

Рисунок кошелека, наполненного бумажными деньгами и монетамиThe impact of the new wave of financial turmoil was felt by the Rossians in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008. The state of the economy began to deteriorate sharply in 2014, mainly because of the sanctions of Western countries and America following developments in Ukraine and the accession of Crimea to the Russian Federation. The crisis in Russia, 2014, 2015, was caused by a sharp decline in the prices of energy supplied to Europe.

As is well known, Russia is the main supplier of gas and oil to many European countries. The critical situation in Ukraine was the reason for the cancellation of the previous volumes. Inadequacy in the budget has led to the depreciation of the ruble (detail in 2015) and inflation.Рисунок, на котором еа фоне российского флага лежат монеты и нарисован график This in turn led to a decline in consumer demand for many groups of goods.

As the crisis in Russia is today

The current crisis is not only a consequence of the West ' s sanctions policy against Russia. This is a set of swallows from the previous 2008 crisis and the restrictions imposed on Russia by the EEC countries.

The previous global crisis had a profound subset of the banking system and had an impact on the world economy as a whole. Why did he happen? The answer is simple: loans to the poorest segments of the population were common. Massive non-payments caused the collapse of the banking system as a whole.Изображение, на котором мужчина с опустошенными карманами This is one of the reasons for the current crisis in Russia.

It should be noted that the decline in energy supplies has had a significant impact on the country ' s budget. The Government had tried to compensate for losses by increasing the tax burden. For example, contributions to the Pension Fund for Individual Entrepreneurs have increased several times. This has led to massive destruction of IPs. As a result, the budget was again underfunded by taxes. So... economic crisis in Russia 2015 was expected.

The devastation of the rouble, which generates inflation and declines in production, has led to an increase in unemployment in the country and a decline in the standard of living of the population. Small business enterprises simply cease to exist. In line, the extinction of medium-sized businesses. With the new economic tightening of the countries of Europe and the Americas, as well as the considerable weakening of the country ' s domestic economy, the crisis in Russia in 2015 is moving.

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