Индикатор I-sessions

When The Exchange Opens

The foreign exchange market in northern America is quite aggressive, especially when the New York site opens, at 16 hours Moscow time. The trade is not as large as the discernible trend.

A particularly strong surge occurs from 16 to 18 hours, the market at this time includes two of the most sites in London and New York, which is the best time for scalping operations, and a fairly large profit can be taken literally in minutes.

The American Trade Session of Forex opens at the New York Exchange in 16-00 under the ICF, which is when large American companies open and reincorporate into European brokers after lunch break. The revival lasts up to 18 hours, after some falls, but there is also a possibility of a dramatic change in the course under the influence of large American players who often like to play a command game.

The closing takes place at 1:00 a.m. on the Chicago Exchange, the New York site closes an hour earlier.

The main most popular currencies at this trade session are based on the ratio of the dollar to other currencies. The lead is EUR/USD, followed by USD/CAD, USDJPY and other currencies.

The American session of Forex has its trade characteristics, first of all, one of the most aggressive and unforeseeable trading sites, so it is possible to earn the decent money as quickly as possible and to lose the deposit completely in the event of a surge. It's a good match for the news with the use of foreign currency pars, which includes the American or Canadian dollar.

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