12 Великая Американская

Great American Depression

Economic crises are an integral part of a capitalist society and are regularly repeated more or less from a century to a century. The worst crisis came at the 30th century and ended only with the Second World War, when the American economy moved to military production and remained. To date, it is weapons that are the main United States export product, so the United States has a vital interest in an eternal war around the world, or a new one. Great depression Once again, the whole country could end up in a disaster.

Free lunch: Chicago, 1930. ♪

...and the line for the same lunches in New York, 1932.

D.C. protest march: Police clashes

Negro family from Virginia during depression

Unsupervised in the rehabilitation camp (Arkansas, 1935)

Improvised Houses of Refugees in Oklahoma (1936). ♪ ♪

Right after the Roosevelt of the Age: deceptive depositors from closed bank doors, spring 1933

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