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Росомаха НуарBauerie's area is a hole, throwing criminals of all kinds. Among the scumbags of society and the chaotic turmoil of pine, beer and brothel, a detective agency called Logan and Logan was set up to help those in distress. One day, a charming girl Mariko Yasida comes in and gives Jim Logan a mission. To fulfil it, Jim will have to dive into society and face the ghosts of the past.

Wolverine Noir
Superheroica, Neonouar
ScenarioStuart Moore
ArtistS.P. Smith
Original withdrawal: 2009
Publication: Comilfo, 2016

The Nuar series is an experiment conducted by Marvel in 2009-2010. The famous characters were transferred to America in the 1930s and presented in new, non-identifiable images. Spider-Man, Sorvihead, Cartel, Ix people, Iron Man. The series was characterized by confusing detective stories, as well as an atmosphere of fall and hopelessness.

Павел ТимченкоRosaha was perfect for this world. History of his life is already dark, cruel, filled with pain, and the character itself has always been plastic and can be an organic example of different roles.

This is where Jim Logan is a private investigator with a dark past. And the real one's not better. The area where he's settled is indicted by criminals, his partner is a doll named Pyos, a brainless fall and a real pain. Things are getting worse.

But one day, Logan's got a mysterious woman who's helping and offering solid money. Logan takes care of her case and ends a lot of trouble. First, Pyos disappears, and then James is attacked by the local criminal stitches of Victor Creed, who possess cold weapons. Events are beginning to squeeze in a stiff knot, gradually leading the hero to a dramatic leap.

The name of Logan is drawn up: he is investigating, as well as remembering the life of his father's house. History does not give rise to reciprocity or admiration. The turns of the story and the end will not be a revelation for the reader. Stuart Moore has created a standard story about revenge that shouldn't be looking for a double bottom or a hidden subtext. There's sadness and violence here, but they're so gentle that they don't play the atmosphere.

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