Фондовые биржи США завершили

Stock Exchanges

финансовый рынок сшаThe largest United States stock exchanges are represented by three main areas (in order of trade turnover): the NYSE New York Exchange, the NASDAQ electronic platform and the American AMEX stock site. It is on these exchanges that the vast majority of United States companies are registered with various capitalizations, with billions of transactions per day. However, these US Stock Exchanges are not the only ones that have several regional markets: they are located in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Philadelphia.

NYSE - New York Stock Exchange

The New York financial exchange is the oldest in the world, as well as the largest and strongest. The year of the creation of NYSE is 1,792 and there was a meeting of brokers under a high-patane tree in the south of modern Manhattan. An agreement on trade in securities was signed at this meeting, and this place is now called Wall Street.

The New York site has the most serious concessions, not only in America, but also in the world (details on NYSE stocks). All possible Stock exchanges The United States is down on many of the indicators of the site in New York, the capitalization of this exchange is the top market in the world, and the number of companies that have passed the leaflet is the second largest since NASDAQ.

The feature of NYSE is that trade in shares is supported by so-called professionals (in fact, the meker markers), which currently number 1366. Trade here takes place on the basis of an open auction, when sellers and buyers offer each other their prices (also say " selling on the floor " ). In the end, however, the transaction is still carried out through a specialist who accumulates all trade requests for the latter ' s share (one expert may be assigned from one to three papers). Each NYSE securities has a letter code which may consist of three, two or one letters.

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