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Crisis 2008

Photo: Bloomberg

Manager Hayman Capital Kyle Bass, 2007

Photo: Bloomberg

The name of the man behind the collapse of the Bear Stearns Bank in 2008 was said to be the manager of Hayman Capital Kyle Bass. Like the collapse of Lehman Brothers, this episode is considered to be the beginning of a global financial crisis.

The name of the financier became known, which actually triggered the collapse of the Bear Stearns investment bank eight years ago, starting with the World Bank count financial crisis♪ They were founded by the Hayman Capital Management Foundation, Kyle Bass, whose name is contained in the first documents of the Financial Crisis Investigation Commission (FCIC), which were introduced by the American The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

interviewed by President Bear Stearns Alan Schwartz, one of the questions asked was to comment on the " active rumours of the risk of non-compliance " by Bear Stearns and that partners feared working with the bank. The financial institution had been in a lot of trouble for months, and a total of $1,7 billion in collateral bonds had been lost a year before. The Schwartz was out of these statements, but the reporter explained that his sources in one of the hedge funders had described the fears of Goldman Sachs, one of Bear Stearns ' leading partners.

Although CNBC received confirmation in a few hours that Goldman Sachs was still working with Schwartz's bank, the interview triggered market panic. Bear Stearns has already requested Fedreservo to urgently fund his commitments in the following evening, as funds have lost confidence in the bank after a wave of rumors. Already on 14 March, FRF has agreed an emergency loan of $30 billion in asset purchases, and a few days later Bear Stearns was purchased by JP Morgan Chase at a cost of $2 per paper (at a market value of $30).

Among the FCIC documents provided to the U.S. National Archives, journalists found a memorial containing the recounting of the survey by members of the commission, the financier of Thomas Marano. He is now headed by a Rielatorian and Touring University of Intrawest in Denver, Colorado State, and from 1983 to April 2008 Marano led an international mortgage business in Bear Stearns. According to Marano, it was Kyle Bass who told Faber about Bear Stearns issues with liquidity.

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