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In times of prevailing political influence on stock markets, sound skilled investors are forced to seek instruments that are least politically sensitive to individual countries.

  • The main condition for the sustainability of financial assets to external factors is the large liquidity of the specific asset management market.
  • Another prerequisite for an effective market that " cultivates " the full spectrum not only of political but also of macroeconomic and microeconomic developments is its broad sectoral and monetary diversification.
  • Finally, the third essential condition for a reliable “non-politicized” market is the “deep secondary reprocessing” of basic financial instruments, with a wide range of investors of combined structural products, funds formed according to criteria that meet even the most sophisticated investment requests of traders.
  • PAO Vitabank has since May 2014 begun to provide access to two world trading sites for customers (who have become qualified investors), LSE and NYSE, which fully meet the conditions outlined above and enable existing investment ideas to be developed and sustained under the pressure of the full range of risks rather than political ones.

    In order to gain access to the sale of securities and financial assets on LSE and NYSE, PAO ' s Witabank customers must be qualified. Upon receipt of the status of " skilled investor " , a client can deal with the London and New York Stock Exchanges in two ways: the first to send a telephone call to a " voice broker " ; the second is to send a request and receive information on transactions concluded through the QUIK terminal. Any of these options would involve a PAO Vitabank commission of 0.1 per cent of the volume of transactions performed (para. 9 Tariffs for brokering).*

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