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Mortgage Crisis

The German Chancellor made accusations against German business, accusing him of anti-Americanism and sabotaging the signing of the Free Trade Area Agreement between the US and the EU (TTIP). If it was about a free trade area with Russia, German business would be different, he thinks Merquel.

The EU economy is highly dependent on the United States and therefore any negotiations with Americans are extremely painful for Europeans. You go to the U.S. assignments, you're gonna be more addictive. If you don't mind, you'll have all the tools of this addiction.

There is, of course, the U.S. reversal to the EU. However, the overall balance is clearly in favour of the United States, as can be seen in the case of Deutsche Bank, which the U.S. Minfin wants to fine $14 billion for mortgage transactions up to now. crisis of 2008♪ These operations have turned over all major banks, many of which have paid large fines. But $14 billion is a record sum capable of burying the Bank's Deutsche, whose shares on some news of this fine are peaking down. It is important here that the decision to impose a fine is a matter of United States internal jurisdiction. The fate of the Bank is a question of the sustainability or disruption of the economy of Germany and the EU as a whole. Make conclusions.

Part of German business can sympathize with Russia and even target our country. But in general, Germany ' s economy is critically dependent on the United States and Russia cannot, in principle, compensate for losses from even a partial gap with the United States. That is the extent of the markets and the world financial architecture.

Because without Americans, there's nothing in Europe that can solve and hope for Trump and someone else. Europe is insecure.

As for Merquel himself, she, with the reputation of pro-American politics, sometimes takes steps that are contrary to the interests of the United States. For example, the North Flow, which is blocked by the United States and its satelles, but in Germany, including the Chancellor, is called " clean economic project " and scruples are being implemented.

The Germans are trying to defend their interests, but the corridor of their possibilities is not always broad enough and, above all, their interests are not always the same as those of Russia.

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