Wall Street, Official Clothes

Мартин Скорсезе с Джорджио Армани и Леонардо Ди КаприоThe sign style of Giorgio Armani will again appear on the screens in the American filmmaker Martin Sorsze Volk from Wall Street. The movie's talking about a stock broker from Wall Street, Jordan Belfort. Giorgio Armani cooperated with a recognized artist in Sandy Powell suits, who was nominated for the Oscar Prize ten times and received a prize from a film academy for costumes for the films "Youth Victoria, "Aviator” and Love Shakespeare." The role of the hero of the Belfort movie, one of Wall Street's rolls, is performed by Leonardo Di Caprio. He's wearing Giorgio Armani's suits, about 1993.

" At that time,Smart clothes I should have carried a huge charge of power and power. I remember well those years, because then my free suits became a symbol of success. Jordan Belfort's complex identity demanded the same combination of strength and bright identity. It was a great honour for me to work with the famous Sandy Powell and again with my close friends, Martin Sorsze and Leonardo Di Caprio. As a cinematographic fan, I was very pleased to work with such geniuses in this field as Martin and Leo, - Giorgio Armani speaking.

" Giorgio Armani has made a revolution in the world of male fashion - he has given us a new vision of elegance that reflects and reflects the spirit of time. Giorgio and I have cooperated many times and were happy to rejoin the joint project; it was very interesting to tell a story that so clearly illustrates the style of the early 1990s.” That is Martin Sorsese.

" Armani was one of the most influential styles in male fashion in the 1990s; working with Mr. Armani and his team, we were able to turn the same image on the screen. I was very interested in having access to the brand archives, which allowed me to capture the true spirit of the man's fashion of that decade.

Giorgio Armani was the first designer to start making cinematographic clothing. His first project was Richard Gira's wardrobe in American Gigolo in 1980. Since then, clothes from Armani have appeared in many films, including the " Dark Knight " , " Hanna " , " Untouchable " , " Theattack " , " Elysium: Ray not on Earth " , " Smocking " , " Unexplorious " And in the movie Paranoia, Armani Casa's furniture came up.

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