Волк с Уолл-стрит (2013)

Wall Street 2013 Trailer

Martin Sorseze's new film with Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead. The Wall Street Volk is the story of the flight and fall of the New York banker Jordan Belfort. DiCaprio played a real Belfort producer, whose book and film. Matthew McConaughey, John Hill and John Favro also took part in the film. The Russian Prime Minister of the tape was appointed on 14 November 2013.

Первый трейлер фильма «Волк с Уолл-стрит» с Леонардо ДиКаприоThe young banker Jordan Belfort is building a broker company at the end of the '80s. Ten years later, he's been convicted of securities fraud. The hero of Leonardo DiCaprio is fighting alcoholism and drug addiction, going to prison, after his release takes care of himself and starts a new life - he writes books and lectures about the problems he has overcome. This is Leonardo DiCaprio's fifth joint film and director Martin Sorsese. For DiCapro, the role in the Scorsese movie at this moment can be the last in his actor's career, "In an exclusive interview with Ivan Cudreyavtsev, the actor confessed that he wanted to take a pause in the film for a while."

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