Banja Wall Street Lipet

A totally new, totally premier sauna in the middle of Lipetek.
Exclusive design, excellent service.
Banking room for 16 people, professional and Karaoke
Base (8x4m)
Large paril (up to 10)
Utilities room
WI free - FI
24 hours a day
Security closed parking
1,500p/h to 6 persons, over 150p/h per person
The minimum order time is 2 hours.

30 per cent Pn-Pt from 9:00 to 1600 (except holidays)
ACTION: 50 per cent Pn-Pt from 9-00 to 16-00 (up to 2 inclusive, except holidays).

In our sauna, you can have corporate parties, birthdays, holidays and other fun parties.

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