Особняк Ливермора в Кингз

Wall Street Game

The year 2013 for Wall Street was not easy, despite the boom of the stock market. Thus, the reputation of Jamie Dimont, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, was severely affected when the largest bank of America was forced to pay a $13 billion fine to the American authorities for manipulating mortgage bonds before the crisis.

The capital Advisors Steve Cohen, one of the world ' s most successful traders, paid $1,8 billion for the use of Inside Information, Cohen even had to give up the money of external investors. Goldman Sachs also had trouble in the summer: due to the software malfunction, the company made mistakes in the bidding options. The attempt by the head of the hedge fund, Pershing Square Bill Akman, to rectify the situation with J. C. Penny, and his share with Herbalife as a financial pyramid failed.

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