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Wall Street Man

INSC, 4 Aug Sputnik. Law enforcement officers detained a Slutzka resident who, in an attempt to enrich the trade of binary options, owed the bank nearly 90,000 roubles, informed Sputnik to the Department of Internal Affairs of Minoblisex.

According to the police, a young man worked at the branch of one of the banks and accidentally found vulnerability in the banking system: he was able to change the overdraft limit on his bank cards. The 23-year-old Slutzka was then involved in the trading of binary options, trying to guess currency movements on the Internet.

"In June, at the end of the working week, a young man increased the overdraft on two of his maps to a few tens of millions and sat tightly for bidding," said to the UVD.

It was also reported that a young man had begun to make unsuccessful bids in a while, and then raised them to play. He subsequently raised the overdraft limit several times on his service laptop cards, and then he took his grandma's cards to work.

Sputnik spokespersons said that the bank had noticed transfers of significant amounts to the auction area accounts, blocked maps and applied to BEP.

"A commencing, but ambitious, trader had already lost nearly 900 million undenominated roubles," it was cleared in management.

Criminal proceedings have been instituted against a young person under article 212, paragraph 4, of the Criminal Code of Belarus, which provides for up to six years of imprisonment.

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