Грамотные продажи, убеждение

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Афера по-американски на Уолл-стритIn 2005, when the majority of financiers do not absurd, several people in Wall Street understand each other: the housing market will soon collapse and collapse. Hedge fund manager Michael Barry (Cristian Baile, Oscar nomination) comes to this solution with mathematical calculations. Financialist Marc Baum (Steve Carella's excellent work and an abusive absence of nomination) from Jared Vennett (Ryan Gosling) to the province, asking the unemployed and strippers how many people and apartments they took in the mortgage. The two owners of the launch (Finn Whittrock and John Magaro) who were assisted by a retired broker in the system (Brad Pittt) were just at the right time in the right place. They all know that some shares are unprotected and will soon be worth nothing, they decide to play down.

With a view to informing the general public economic crisisWhich inevitably leads to the worm of complex terms, Director Adam McKay, "The Deep Reserves," he's got his hands on the corner. What credit default swaps and so forth explains, for example, a model in a bath with a glass of champagne and a singer of Selena Gomez. Remarks are released periodically by the main heroes themselves. It's a fairly precise character of the Game - it's all over irony, and some character peaks remind Tarantino's dialogues.

But the point is, the Game isn't just a funny movie about the smart people who've been working on the system's weaknesses, it's inevitable that she's rotten: banks that benefit from machinations, rating agencies that fear criticism, as clients go to competitors and supervisory organizations that don't care. To pay for the crisis, of course, ordinary people had to pay their pensions and savings.

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