Уолл-стрит: Деньги не спят

Wall Street Doesn't Smell Money

Вафельная улица (2016)Since his childhood, Jim Adams has been engaged in intellectual work and has set only the highest goals. To be successful and enriched, he had to work almost 24 hours a day, and finally became a member of a successful Wall Street finance company. In a few years, the hero has been able to make just a dizzy career and earn a bass money for his firm. He became vice-president and conducted several multi-million deals that allowed his company to go to a new level. But in the end, the government set Jim up, and instead of making him a name partner, they kicked him out. With the support of the husband, the hero is trying to find himself with new interests and understand what he wants to do in his life.

Jim decided to completely abandon his work in the world of finance and find himself in a completely different field that would help him clean his brains and start working with his hands. After a short-term job search, the hero found a little round-the-clock escape that he decided to be a waiter. Jim's becoming a private employee of the institution who's famous for his firm waffles. Even such work, it fits with full responsibility and is practically a valuable staff member. His co-worker, and soon a good friend, is a former prisoner Edward Collins. Gradually, Jim enters a big, friendly family and becomes a truly happy man.

Year of issue: 2016
Country: USA
Jeanr: Comédia
Quality: HDRip
Translation: Ljubljana (multiple)
Duration: 01:29:59 James Lafferty, Danny Glover, Julie Gonzalo, Dale Dickie, Marshall Belle, Ernie Lively, Melanie Stone, Katie Cochelle, Adam Johnson, Brad Johnson

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