Уолл-Стрит: Деньги не спят

Wall Street Doesn

волк с уолл стрит- It's a practical tool that helps to succeed even in the most hopeless situation. Everything else is the details of Belfort's life, indicating the achievements.

So, let's start, Jordan Belfort...

Real broker's biography.

Do with the unlimited faith in yourself, and then people will believe you. Do as if you have great experience, and then people will follow your advice. Just act like you've already made amazing progress, and then it's just as true as I'm standing in front of you now, you're really going to succeed!

... This is a famous speaker who owes a large amount of money to the United States of America, a former broker.

Befort's career started like other brokers of that time. He went to a small company on a small street in New York, where the entire U.S. financial sector is still located.

волк с уолл стрит смотретьIn one thousand, nine hundred and eighty-seven years, when the raiding era ended, the financial sector of America began another crisis. It's the only reason that a young broker in L. F. Rothschild is flying out of the office right now.

In search of a job that would be linked to the triding, Belfort is seeking a small “company” trade in cheap shares. Using its telephone sales skills, Belfort has accumulated the first capital on which the Stratton Oakmont brokering office is based. Stratton Oakmont was created for speculative trade in cheap shares. The Belfort office was significantly different from the other brokering offices of that time to sell shares.волк с уолл стрит онлайн In fact, employees of the company (who were pre-training at Belfort) " managed " customers, so that Belfort significantly increased its capital.

Belfort was ruined by an unnecessary celebration that attracted the attention of law enforcement agencies.

The Alabama State Securities Commissioner Joseph Borg formed a task force that tested Stratton Oakmont. After a large-scale investigation, Belfort was charged with " market swings " .

Belfort was convicted in 1998 for fraud and money-laundering. After cooperation with the FBI, he spent 22 months in prison and was sentenced to $110,4 million. According to federal prosecutors, Belfort didn't have enough capital to pay the full amount.

Belfort subsequently relinquished the exchange and started writing an autobiographical motivation book that had a wide financial success.

As of 2015, Belfort still owes the United States Government a substantial amount that it cannot pay.

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