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Кэри Маллиган

Carey Mulligan

Cary Hanna Mulligan, a British theatre and cinema actress, a BAFTA winner for the best female role, was nominated for the Auscar awards and the Golden Globe, known for its debut role as Kitty Bennet in screening Jane Austin's "Godity and Dreaming" romance, and the "Greek" Cary was born on 28 May 1985. The place of birth was the historic London Westminster. Her father, Stephen Mulligan, was born from Liverpool, and Nano Booth's mother was from Welsh Llandeilo. At the time of Cary's birth, there was a child in the family, her older brother Owen. When the girl was three, the family left England and moved to Germany. Her father received an interesting job offer, which was the reason for moving.


For the first time in Cary, interest was expressed in the stage game and the profession of the actor during the school performance of the King and I, in which her older brother participated. It even encouraged a girl to take part in such an exercise. Before starting to play professionally, Cary was secret and repeatedly tried to attend several theatre schools. A number of successive failures in the audition led a girl to question her acting abilities. Plus, her parents had initially disapproved of the choice of the profession and believed that it was wrong to turn the job into entertainment. They're the ones who convinced Cary to go to a prestigious university, hoping erroneously that learning would distract her and make her forget dreams about stage and ambition. In addition, Mulligan even went to work as a buffet in a local pub. But all these measures have had a reverse effect - running has only exacerbated the desire to play.

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