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Attacking Bull On Wall Street

Атакующий быкPhoto: Attacking bull

The sculpture of the attacking bull in the tiny square of Bowling-Green, near Wall Street, is unusually popular. Having been here relatively recently, she suddenly became one of New York's main symbols.

Bullshit at the end of the eighty-first century sculptor Arturo Di Modik. The economic crisis has become the focus of the statue.

On Monday, 19 October 1987, the capital markets of the Old and New Light collapsed. The economic storm has been accompanied by catastrophes of a different kind: Britain has a massive hurricane, Iranians and Americans exchanged missile attacks in the Persian Gulf. The world was alarming. It is in this context that Di Modik is planning to create a sculpture that symbolizes optimism, energy, insurmountable strength and prosperity.

The best way to do that was for a bull statue. In the description of the stock exchange, the foundations of capitalism, the figures of two powerful animals, the bear and the bull, are particularly prominent. The Medwami are called traders, which play down securities earning their fall. The Banks are interested in increasing the cost of paper, the result of their efforts is to raise the market. Die Modik, in establishing his “Atacking bull”, expressed confidence in the forces of the American people, which would overcome any crisis.

The bronze statue was huge: 3, 4 metres high and almost 5 metres long. The muscles of the undeclared animal are crushed, the tail will be cured, the nostrils are blown. Sculpture weighs over three tons. He took her own money, costing $360,000.

On the morning of 15 December 1989, Di Modik brought a bull to Manhattan and, in eight minutes (until there were police patrols), the crane installed a sculpture under a Christmas tree near New York.York Stock Exchange♪ There was no authorization to install - for the sculptor, it was an act of “party art”. The crowds came to see the bull. The police confiscated and took away the sculpture, but the public demanded it back. The bull ended up a little south of the market, on Bowling-Green, on the face of Broadway.

The sculpture continues to be the author ' s property, but now it is legal, the city has given special permission. It's one of New York's most photographed objects. The Occupay Wall Street Movement has produced a famous agitation poster: the ballerina dances at a stormed bronze.

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