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Anthony Sutton Wall Street And Bolshevik Revolution

Anthony Sutton (1925-2002) is one of the most well-known and authoritative researchers of secret government, who worked until recently in the United States. He is the author of more than two dozen hard labour, of which four are published in Russian:

  • " How the Order organizes wars and revolutions " (M: Pallada, 1995)
  • Wall Street and Wider revolution (M.: Russian Idea, 1998),
  • " Who controls America " (M: FREE-B, 2002)
  • (M. FREE-B, 2004)

Their total circulation was about 20,000 copies.

And now in Kiev, the fundamental work of E. Satton, the Orden Cherep and the Bones, which the scientist called his opus magnum, is the main job. This book is really unique. It is devoted to the terrible secret of the twentieth century: the hidden cause of wars and revolutions that have destroyed dozens of millions of lives. It not only describes historical events, analyses sources and studies, but exposes the criminal mechanism for the destruction of peoples.

Ten more years ago, the subject of conpiratoryism caused the majority of people a smiling smile, praying, " we've heard about the Jido-Mason conspiracy. " Today, following a series of new U.S. and NATO military actions for the creation of a “new world order”, the blunt bombardment of the dismembered Yugoslavia, the terrible Fars with terrorists on 11 September 2001, the spectacular war in Iraq and the wave of aggression in Eastern Europe, the Bush (old and junior) clan, leading the world ' s most powerful Masonic Order of Church and Bones, are already perceived as superrep. Ignoring her means fooling herself.

"So this is it. That orden.? " - He'll ask for an inaccurate reader.

Yes, exactly. That's right.♪ Exactly. Him. History describes the documentary details of Anthony Sutton. The world ' s popularity of the Chorep and Bones Researcher is that it responds to the most pressing, pressing issues of today: how power is formed in the world ' s largest States, whether wars and regional conflicts, where money comes from, and what their role in international relations is. In answering these difficult questions, the scholar relies on archives and serious research according to the requirements of accurate science and the spirit of objectivity.

To America, Anthony Sutton came from Britain, where he was born and educated. Since the end of London University, the young English has chosen a scientific career, becoming a doctor, and then a Professor of Economics of the University of California in Los Angeles.

He then went to work at the Guverov Institute of Wars and Revolutions, where in 1968-1973 he wrote a three-volume job, Western Technology and Soviet Economics. ♪

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