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Wall Street Music

Over the past two years, electronic music has become as popular in the United States as it has never been in its history, even during the time of the eruption era in the 1990s. For the fans of this music, her rise has become something amazing. For many years, while chaus and technico have essentially appeared in the Middle West of America, the U.S. residents have watched electronic music become the foundation of European pop-culture, while we have no choice but to search for the Andegraund clubs and the exclusive audio recording shops, feeling even lower than ever before. Today, however, dance music is so popular that large corporations have rebrandged it by calling it an electronic dance music (ETM), a term that respects dance music fans tends to despise.

ETM is so widespread that sometimes it seems that it can push hip-hop out of a dominant position in a youth culture. Evidence can be found in the music: producers and de-jays like Skrillex and Deadmau5 receive millions of dollars as honorariums, while divine in the eyes of young fans obsessed with dabsteps. Meanwhile, classic stars of RB and rap, such as Asher, Rianna and Niki Minaj, are now in charge of a dozen best performers in Billboard with Singapore magazine, who are suspiciously resembling techno and chaus music.

The spirit of time changed, the money changed. The Warehouses of 20 years ago have been left behind (unless of course you do not know where to find them). The leading dance music concerts have been the same major corporations that promote the term ETM and that, according to some dance music fans, have lost the music of the soul to their own ends (as corporations often do).

This year, the Electric Daisy Carnival festival, which is taking place in Las Vegas, brought 140,000 people every day in its history. However, the main supplier of corporate TMVs has become someone we all know: Live Nation Entertainment, a giant corporation that emerged from a highly controversial merger of Live Nation (FKA Clear Channel Entertainment) and Ticketmaster, many now consider it a monopoly.

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