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American Exchange

Американская биржаAmerican exchanges The world ' s main financial centre can be described as the dynamics of Dow Jones and SP 500 indexes play a decisive role in other countries ' stocks.

An important role has also been played by the American Stock Exchange, which is also in New York, and the Chikag Opportunity Exchange (which has significantly strengthened over the past decade).

Many regional exchanges also have a very significant impact on the stock market.

The United States Foundation Market is very liquid and has a fairly serious system of investor protection. That was his attractiveness, but, however, American stock exchanges, the world ' s largest equity markets, placed high demands on the issuers. The NYSE quotation is a " quality label " of an issuer recognized worldwide.

The United States non-birth market also plays a prominent role in the securities market. Extra-birth trade lists more corporations than on exchanges, while the activities of the offshore market are governed by the NASDAQ communications system, which has been in operation since 1971.

To date, the United States Stock Market is the legislator of exchange and financial currents, especially during the 2008 crisis, when the total collapse of the world ' s land was driven by the sentiments of investors and the major American exchanges.

The capitalization of the United States securities market is now the world ' s largest asset, which attracts many investors. And the ability to use the shares of the largest United States companies allows traders to successfully diversify their assets.

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