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Baq Wall Street New York Ssh

Быки и МедведиThe New York Bull, the famous bull sculpture, is the Ataking Bull, also known as Wall Street Bull and Bowling Green Bull, and is in Bowling Green Park, near Wall Street, New York.
The bronze and stainless steel statue, weighing 3, 2 tons, 3, 7 metres tall, 4, 9 metres long and $360,000 worth, is the creation of the Italian sculptor, Arturo Di Modica (Arturo Di Modica).

The story of the bull begins on 15 December 1989, when the author and his colleagues in the deep night unloaded the statue under the main tree opposite the New York Stock Exchange as a Christmas gift to the people of the city. Such a presentation should have supported the spirit of Americans following the collapse of the stock market in 1987. Since the installation was not authorized by the authorities, the police withdrew the sculpture.Быки и Медведи In a few days, however, under pressure from the public, the bull was finally returned, setting a temporary place for him near the exchange.
Since then, Charging Bull has become a symbol of America ' s financial optimism and prosperity, and has popularly achieved the Statue of Liberty.

Critics are often ironic about animal anatomy. And that's understandable, because once a real stock exchanger knows that it's necessary for a man to have strong, if not steel, nerves to deal with market surprises and to stay in the game.

It's believed that if you lose a nose, a horn or a bull's egg, it would certainly bring good luck in business.Быки и Медведи 'Cause as soon as the bull came up on Wall Street, the Doe-Johns index began to rise, signaling the rebuilding of the stock market after the stock market collapse.

The Bull and Bear in Frankfurtov of Germany has been laid across the street. Stock Exchange Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The Europeans believe that despite crisis bears, the bull is still a winner. Shanghai Bull, analog Charging Bull, Shanghai Bull or Bund Bull, was installed in the Shanghai Bull Banking Bank Bund by the Shanghai Bull Banks in May 2010.
Arturo Di Modik has taken account of the customers ' wishes to add to the statue of animosity. The Chinese bull is young, strong, muscular and furious, has approximately the same size as the American, but red shades, right, not left torso, and a better tail bend.

Another bull sculpture is located in the Shanghai Stock Exchange Building. For Chinese people, bull was always a symbol of labour, perseverance and wealth.

As early as the 1990s, Di Modik had suggested that the bull families should be established around the world. Looks like his hopes are getting lost.

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