«Оккупай Уолл-стрит» два года

Occupy Wall Street

The art is dangerous. ]
[Europa, 2012]
[translated - e. savitz, a. incineration and a. Markov]

The famous philosopher Slava Gieck has been subjected to a severe cognitive mapping of the world following the events of 2011 - 12: the Arab Spring, the Wall Street Movement, and to Moscow (Ocku-PayAbay), ethnic pogroms in Europe, etc. The geek develops in the book "global theory of politic-ideological representation." The author, perhaps for the first time so bravely, exposes not only the right but also the left idols (bunts of free bourgeoisia, fundamentalism, Islam-mo-fascism, multiculturalism). Marx and the privileges of "core capitalists," a representative democracy and a will-tarist nihilism. New features. crisis The Žigek finds the malicious signs that the alliance of capitalism and democracy is about to end divorce. Two liberation movements are considered in detail: the Arab Spring and the Occupus movement. Using as a starting point the popular series and blockbusters, the author leads to the theme of how to fight the world ' s mob without contributing to the progress of its domination.

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