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Jordan Belfort is the identity on the financial market of the legendary, and it's his story that was the foundation of Martin Sorsze's Volk from Wall Street with Leonardo Di Caprio in the main role. In the past, a broker who earned more than $50 million a year convicted of machinating with securities, now a motivating speaker. On 24 October, at his master class in Moscow, Belfort did not hesitate to speak to Russian top managers and entrepreneurs, and admitted that thanks to the Russian bride, he had learned our mystery soul.

Oh, my God.

I was engaged to a Russian girl, Julia Suhanova, the first Miss USSR. She used to say, "Jordan, you're a regular Russian man." Probably because I was spending money on her. So, in my contact with her, I learned the mysterious Russian soul.

I don't know how I can help others make money, but I do.

There are people who fear public speaking. I'm afraid there's no public speaking.

My mom said, "Don't judge people on the cover." But she did it on her own, that's what I do, and that's all.

origI have a son, he's 20 years old. And I'm telling him, "The son, the most important thing in life and business is to know who to f.k. and who not to f.k. In other words, who is worth your attention and who is not."

In 1988, my brokering company employed 12 people. Their average age was 19, their IQ is like Forrest Gampa. They lived on the outskirts of New York, they didn't go to the Ivy League, their parents weren't rich and never taught them to earn. And I wanted them to sell $5 per cent of the richest people in the United States. And these people were supposed to buy these cheap shares at $5,000 to $1 million. In fact, my Forrest Gamps couldn't close any deal. And then I thought, "I can sell stocks, my partner can, too. You have a product like that, exactly the same text. So why the fuck can't you sell anything? Then I realized, my boys called, and from the first second of their intonation, the interviewees understood that people weren't their circles.

By the way, it's nice to know that Leonardo Di Caprio played you. Much better than if it were, say, Danny De Vito.

Photo: RIA News. Julia Suhanova, Ms. USSR 89


People get smarter and smarter these days. Maybe because everyone now has smartphones means there's an Internet and unrestricted access to information. No more uneducated clients of zero years.

Remember, you're a child, your mother's taking you to a doctor. First he asks you in detail, and then he says, take off your pants and get drunk. And you're bending. Because in our society it is accepted to accept experts and to obey power.


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