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I like it.


The Wall Street Volk is not just a new film with Di Caprio, it's a real man, a bone dealer who managed to create one of the largest brokers in New York, Stratton Oakmont. And if Jordan Belfort's name (namely his biography is the film and is based) involves scandals, he certainly has something to learn. So today, I present to you five business lessons from the Wolf from Wall Street.

1 Never take no answer

Who once tried himself in cold sales knows how often the word " no " is on the other end of the wire. In fact, you're trying to sell a man something he doesn't need. But Belfort was selling. And I did it in virtuos. And one of the components of his recipe for success is that he never accepted no for answer. He persisted and continued to sell. And he taught his team. It's learning and now it's on its training.

2 Programme yourself for success.

Belofret always wanted to be a millionaire. And he understood that to be a millionaire, you should think that you already had that million. You must not just believe that you have succeeded, you must behave as successful from the outside to the lifestyle.

3 Selling benefits

Who wants stocks? Some paperwork, no more. Who wants to buy paperwork at such prices? Belfort understood that, and he didn't sell stock. He never started talking with the words " buy stock " . He was selling benefits. He was selling a three-stage house outside the city. He was selling annual leave in Hawaii. He was selling awesome cars. But not stock.

4 Promote corporate culture

The customs and traditions of Stratton Oakmont are shown in some detail. Hanji will be shocked by the rituals that followed successful IPOs or sales swings. I certainly don't propose to put all this drug achine in my company, but crazy traditions are important. You're good at resting, aren't you?

5 Recharge your staff for success

The dynamic speeches of Jordan that he'd delivered to his staff at important moments-- in the performance of D.C.P., they're beautiful, but I'm sure the original was doing better. It was a sermon that hits a religious ecstasy. Jordan is a true charismatic leader. He's open to his staff, he's charging them with his energy, he's programming them for success.

The film is filmed on the Volk Wall Street autobiographical book, which is not yet available in the Russian translation (if I have not found). But after the premiere of the post-Soviet space movie, the publishers will be fighting for the rights to issue it, suggesting: Look at the movie, it's a masterpiece.

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