Биржа NYSE

Trade In Nyse

Traiding on Stock exchanges The world is becoming increasingly popular among the Russian-speaking population of the planet Earth and most of the traders are beginning to meet the most popular and highly visible exchange of the world of NYSE.

In the CIS, trade on the NYSE market became popular thanks to the success of Alexander Gerczyk, who became the most successful in 2003 in the United States of America on the CNBC television channel.
It was Alexander Herczyk who raised those traders who were the first ones in the post-Soviet area to trade on the NYSE stock and are still doing it now.

Alexander Mihailovich Hercchik ' s training system is gradual and cautious at the first stages of the triding to avoid causing significant damages before some knowledge of the triding and market understanding begins.

The NYSE trade is based on a reading of the method Alexander Herczyk was for his students. The name of the book " Cours of Active Trader " (detail here) is to examine the video recordings of the training courses that Alexander Mihailovich Herczyk holds twice a year in Kiev and Moscow.

After you get the first knowledge of the NYSE Tread on the market, you're gonna have to go to a practical meeting with the NYSE stock. To that end, you need to open a full demo trade account at NYSE and trade in the demo platform for some time by running points of entry and market understanding.

There is no need for too long to trade on the demo account because it will not give you a sense of reality and, in the case of " redosing " , will have a negative impact on your further trade.

Next step for your formation, like a trailer. NYSEshould be the opening of a real account for trade. I think a few people are willing to start with $25,000 from American brokers directly, so it's good to try to sell from one of our offices that lets start. NYSE $1,000.

It is worth noting that trade in NYSE is different from trade in the Forex market, that all customers ' transactions are marketed and brokered, or offices ' proprietaries are interested in customers staying in the building longer and bringing a board for bidding.

In this regard, representatives of brokering companies provide quality training and support to their clients, helping to cope with temporary difficulties in the triding.

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