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Photo of the press service of the President of Russia

On Indian soil, the eighth BRICS summit, an international organization to which Brazil, Russia, India, China and the Republic of South Africa were participating, was held in the painting of the State of Goa. The summit was held under the theme of " Required, inclusive and collective solutions " .
Many writers, commenting one year after year on the BRICS development processes, have repeatedly observed that in English the abbreviation is consistent with the words " bricks " , which is well within the organization ' s primary objective of building a building of cooperation among States parties in the twenty-first century.
The summit in India had shown that much had been done on the way to build the building, and the main document of the meeting, the Goa Declaration, had set new challenges. It is important to note that, together with this Declaration, a Plan of Action for the Implementation of the Goa Declaration has been adopted simultaneously, where activities aimed at the implementation of the agreements are scheduled directly on dates. The most important of them will be discussed below, and we will begin a review of the events of the VIIIth BRICS Summit with some details of the meetings that the participants have held, both multilaterally and bilaterally.
First, the plenary meetings attended by the leaders of five countries: the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister of India, the hosts of the summit, Narendra Modi, the Chairman of the CPD, Jinpin, President Yuar Jacob Zuma, and the President of Brazil, Michel Themer, who participated for the first time in the summit because he recently assumed the post of Head of State after the impeach of Dilme Russef.
Discussions were included on issues such as strengthening strategic partnerships within BRICS and developing multi-dimensional cooperation in this format, which has recently become one of the most powerful international groupings that have gathered almost half of humanity. Leaders also discussed the most " big " issues of world policy, and the fight against international terrorism, and the situation in Syria, and options for enhancing the stability of the world economy and finance, and improving the architecture of global governance.

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