Глобальный финансовый кризис

Global Financial Crisis

There has been growing rumours recently that the global financial crisis is entering the second wave. Is that it? Or is the financial crisis 2011-2012 just a phantom? We're not going to go to the coffee house, but we're gonna try to run the facts by comparing the ones we can answer: if there's a crisis.

Causes of the global crisis 2008 and 2011

As early as 2011, we would say that the global economic crisis is the fruit of the fantasy of panic investors. The world ' s largest economies have shown fairly stable signs of recovery in both productive and financial sectors. But now the situation has broken down. The economic news that comes from the United States and the eurozone suggests that the 2011 - 2012 crisis is increasingly like reality. Is it true that " history repeats itself "? It looks like it is, but with some adjustments. Let us draw attention to the origins and evolution of the crisis. Three years ago, he developed from the bottom up. One of the main reasons is the overheating of the credit market, which has led to the mortgage crisis and the future financial crisis in the United States, and given that the economies of America and the West are very closely interlinked, it has not slowed down to Europe. The spiral is now moving backwards. The 2011 global financial crisis has begun because Governments have been unable to stimulate growth in their economies and to manage public finances, resulting in a loss of business confidence, reduced costs and investments, resulting in high unemployment and low growth. This has affected most of the world ' s largest countries.

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