Финансовый кризис 2008 года в

2008 World Financial Crisis

Майкл Льюис Большая игра на понижение: Тайные пружины финансовой катастрофыAuthor of Angelica Plescacave

In developing the topic of risk, I wanted to break into the financial crisis of 2008, its causes and consequences. Especially since the mortgage and then the financial crisis in the United States of America 2007-2008 started the Global Economic Crisis. Today, the world economy is showing a slowdown in growth and decline, and analysts and experts publish dark forecasts for developing markets and parallels with that period of time. For example, George Soros, at the economic forum in Sri Lanka, said: " China is facing a major adjustment problem (economics), quoting Bloomberg. - I'd say she's in the middle of a crisis. When I look at financial markets, I see serious challenges that remind us of the crisis we had in 2008. " And a return to the past from today ' s position and today ' s events allows us to see something new and certainly meaningful.

On this subject, I was curious to read the books written in the genre of the documentary leaflet, to watch documentary and artistic films, business news television programmes, because there's a huge amount of information on the events. As a result, I have developed a collection of the most interesting sources, in my view. I share it with anyone who wants to study or rethink what's going on at that time.

Book of Michael Lewis, Big Game to Lower: Secret Financial Disaster (The Big Short - Michael Monroe Lewis)

Jeanr, in which the book is written, is called a documentary business triller because all the heroes and company names are real. It contains a chronology of real events and a holistic picture of the financial crisis of 2007-2008, transforming the work into a fascinating name with bright characters. They see an inflatable mortgage bubble, make stakes against it and ultimately win.

Майкл Льюис Бумеранг. Как из развитой страны превратиться в страну третьего мира Эндрю Соркин Слишком большие, чтобы рухнуть Gregory ZuckermanThe Greatest Trade Ever Чарльз Фергюсон Инсайдеры

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