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Economic Crisis

The United States is on the verge of the “catastrophic economic crisis”, which will be triggered by the overexploitation of the United States economic “bubble” politician, former member of the United States House of Representatives, Ron Paul Canal CNBC.

The reason for the crisis will be the collapse of the United States dollar economic bottle, a situation where large amounts of securities are sold at a price far from real owing to high demand. Sooner or later, such a bubble " bursts " , which has negative economic consequences, transmits the News RIA.

Despite the fact that the United States dollar index, reflecting the dynamics of the United States currency vis-à-vis the currency basket, has reached the maximum in the past 12 years, it does not mean that the dollar is a strong currency. It is strong only against other currencies.

“It is not so much that the dollar is a strong currency, but that other currencies are not better, that explains the policy. - Basic indicators in distress. When more than half of the population is barely overthrowing the ends, it can be said that the economy is in no shape. "

The former congressman was unable to predict when it would be a “dollar bladder”, but he was assured that it would be “be quick and unexpected”. The breach of the dollar, and then the stock market, in his view, would occur after the United States Federal Reserve system began to raise interest rates, which, in the view of some analysts, could happen later this year.

Ron Paul also noted that psychological confidence was also important in assessing the economic situation. At present, there is no certainty that the United States should invest, despite a strong market, in terms of United States policy.

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