Wall Street And French Roosevelt

Roosevelt Franklin is the 32nd President of the United States, elected for several consecutive terms, the key figure of the twentieth century.

Franklin has come to light in the family of aristocrats, and as a result, in children ' s years, he has often travelled to European countries, studied foreign languages and engaged in domestic education. After that, he went to a privileged school in Groton and got a B.A. in Harvard. For two years, Roosevelt has been in law school at Columbia University. Franklin Roosevelt's career started on Wall Street, where he went to work for a major legal company. In 1910, Roosevelt joined the public service as a senator when he won the New York State Legislature in three years later, he became Assistant Minister of the Sea. The first successes in the career were followed by failures, but in 1928 Franklin elected the Governor of New York, which opened his way to the White House. Four years later, Franklin Roosevelt became President of the United States.

Over the years of its presidency, Roosevelt withdrew America from “Great depression." , marked the country ' s New Deal, implemented meaningful social reforms, which allowed it to be elected for a second term. During that time, he had established diplomatic relations with the Alliance, calling it a " good neighbour " , avoiding the extensive involvement of the United States in the Second World War, while strengthening the anti-Hitler coalition.

Franklin Roosevelt's contribution is indisputable in history. In addition to political activity, he was marked in literature as a man trying to reinvigorate the character of Arthur Conan Doyle, Scherlock Holmes. Roosevelt wrote the Baker Street Folio: five notes on Sherlock Holmes from Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Also on the basis of the memories of Franklin Roosevelt, Charles de Gaulle and Winston Churchill, the biography of Joseph Wissarionovich Stalin was written. Marshal, who defeated the war, " allowing a new look at the great leader of the USSR.

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