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Brazil is a country known for its deep gap between the rich right elite and the masses of non-specially wealthy workers who supported the left, including the Working Party. Her leader, who had been removed from office by President Dilma Russef, had been impeached by the final vote to be held in the coming days.

Today ' s political spectrum varies from the right radicals (without shy expectations of the United States), those who want to establish a military dictatorship, those who simply want to force Brazil to follow a more liberal economic development model and the left. Groups with financial interests in the region that wish to control political and economic processes, as well as any future Government of Brazil, should take this into account.

"The Nests to drop the significant influence of such giants as Goldman Sachs... Wall Street is also linked to the richest man in Brazil, Jorge Paulo Lemann, a multi-millionaire who owns Heinz-ketchup and Burger King and is a major shareholder of Anheuser-Busch and Budweiser, as well as Warren Buffet's close associate, is linked to his family and financial capital. No wonder Lemann fought for his interests in the region and supported the financial street protests calling for impeachment.

Key protest groups were sponsored directly by Wall Street stakeholders. In particular, the famous Koch Brothers [the American family, which is engaged in business and charitable activities, the owner of Koch Industries, the second largest private company in the United States, is known for its political activities (annual income, approximately $115 billion)], supported the Free Brazil Movement (MBL) and the Liberty Students (EPL) through the Economy Leadership Research Foundation. The two foundations have created key protest leaders, which is the publication of The Counterpunch.

It is remarkable that Kochs has always supported Republicans before. " Mark Holden, Chief Legal Adviser and Senior Vice-President of KochIndustries, said that his company would finance political groups of the candidate who would be " in a position to obtain public support, to turn to positive masses, to support matters that we care, not to enter into personal confrontation and not to slander " , wrote an edition as early as May 2016. Politico

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