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Lev Wall Street

“Turning other nations under the threat of the revolution has been the craft of England for a long time.” (Otto von Bismark)

" It is not good to have anglossax as an enemy, but it is even worse to have a friend. " (General A.E. Vandam)

Official history convinces us that the October Revolution has produced moreviks, rather than their leaders Lenin and Trotsky. We are convinced that they have been able to demolish the army and the country and overthrow the Interim Government, and the Soviet historians have always told us about the genius gift of Vladimir Ilić Lenin ' s vision and his wonderful intuition. Historians are democratic, as well as part of the patriots, accusing the Government of Germany of financing the October revolution, and all responsibility for the coups rests with the Kaiser and Ludendorf. But is that so? Was the leader of the world proletariat Lein? And is Germany responsible for the great October?

At the time of the February revolution, the rate and deputies of the State Duma, Lenin, Trotsky and most of their supporters in Russia were so stunned by the generals.


Leiba Bronstein, he's Trotsky, since the 1905-1907 revolution, Russia has not appeared. Lev Davidovich, after stealing Colonel Trotsky's passport, lived abroad in Austria for eight years. He was actually recruited by Gelfand-Parvus and worked directly under his leadership for German and English intelligence. As a journalist during the 1913 Balkan War, Bronstein-Trotsky lived in Turkey, then returned to Austria.

With the beginning of the First World War, Trotsky was forced to leave the territory of the war against Russia of Astro-Hungary. Lev Davidovich settled in France and engaged in active subversive anti-Russian work there. He was one of the organizers of the rebellion in the Russian shelves who fought on the western front. Trotsky was arrested, but thanks to the high patrons in the French Government, he was released and quickly moved first to Spain and then to the United States of America. Trotsky was very good at America. The thing is, the brother of Trotsky's mother, Abram Zivotovsky, was a major banker in Russia, and he was a companion of the Warburg American bankers, and was linked to Jacob Siff. Sydney Reilly, the trusted face of the Zivotov banker, came into contact with Trotsky in America.

It is worth noting that Sidney Reilly was agent William Weisman, chief of English intelligence in North America, and William Weisman himself was short with a United States President Wilson consultant, Colonel House. Colonel House was the gray cardinal of the White House at the time.

Photo: Colonel E. House and V. Wilson.

The Colonel had a connection between bankers and Wall Street and the United States President. So Leiba Bronstein, who had already worked in Turkey for an English intelligence unit, was once again part of an English-American intelligence service that was closely linked to Schiff and the company.

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