«Волк с Уолл-стрит» - ДРУГОЕ

Wall Street Wolf

But the darkness of the night of demand
I hear even now:
My dear boy,
While you're a wolf,
While you're a wolf,
Wolf, wolf, wolf...
You're not quite a beast.

(c/f. Red Shadow)

All in all you're just another brick in the wall.

Pink Floyd

One statue, one statue, and it's a bomb, can reach Leonardo Di Caprio, an actor who, with all his achievements at the kinematographic stage, still has only a couple of "globuses" and a silver bear in his trophy room. What's the matter with Wolf Wall Street critics that he's counting for a generosity of five nominees? And what is the fundamental difference between Di Caprio, that for the first time in seven years the commission has once again drawn attention to him?

"Sold me that pen!"

The real New York broker's memoirs have been interested in Di Caprio since 2007, which is when he wanted to play Jordan Belfort, a successful and charming multi-millionaire apherist with a difficult destiny. A saturated, complete blissful screaming and devastated life of financial rotation is probably the most romantic ideal for the United States, moreover, the black comedy of this ideal. Because ideals are the same, but under the law and without a prison sentence on the outcome, of course. Besides, Mr. Belfort's memoirs are a predicament of so popular sales training now: 100 famous ways to sell any bullshit, same pens, for example. Maybe someone's going to have an admiration on the screen, and the D.C.V.s will want to practice. And that's gonna be great, some advice. And someone along with Skorsese is not funny, and they'll be right in their own way.

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