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Wall Street In Which City

The small narrow street of Wall Street, located in the lower part of New York Manhattan, is considered a historical centre of the city ' s financial area. Wall Street ' s name, which is foreseeable as " Wall Street " , came from the real city wall, which until the end of the sixteenth century was the northern border of the city, which was then called New Amsterdam. Ten years before the wall was demolished, the residents paved the way along it, which they called Wall Street for a long time.

In the 18th century, urban traders had a tradition of meeting on Wall Street under a platan tree and discussing various financial transactions. It was there in 1792 that a legendary " Platan Agreement " was concluded as the foundation upon which the New York Foundation Birja was established.

This stock exchange is now the most important asset of the street. And Wall Street has become a symbol of the United States economic system worldwide. Nowadays, there are special tour guides around the street, where tourists are told stories, both about Wall Street itself and about known financiers working for America at different times.

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