1929 сша фондовый рынок кризис

Wall Street City

IMG_9251 (копия)Like Timur Tilenov, a regular guy from Osha, feeds Wall Street today.

Limon.KG - Destiny loves laughs. And I think we've managed to find one of them. Although the fortune has nothing to do with it, Timur Tilenov builds his life and knows exactly what it's gonna be tomorrow, because everything he's achieved is a result of great old and ambition.

New York. The evening is ending another day. After the work, Timur went into his favorite Starbucks. This atmosphere, which I feel comfortable working for, is recording an iPhone interview with our hero. Sitting in a coffee shop that's thousands of kilometres from Bishkek, Timur Tilenov shares his impressions and thoughts.

IMG_9142Oh, my God.

I come from Osh City. It was born and raised, spent childhood and youth. All my relatives from the south of the country, so in my speech, sometimes they can wake up Southern manners. In principle, I've never been in the way of my life, but on the contrary, I've been helping. Graduated the M.V. Lomonosov School with English gradient. In time, it was one of the leading schools. I loved my school very much because she was advanced. I've learned about five, I've finished her round-up. Very often went to the Olympiads in Russian, informatics, mathematics and English and won.

IMG_9144In 10th grade, I successfully completed the AXELS program. I mean, I won a trip to American life. So, last grade, 2006-2007, I was in Oregon, Springfield. I went to a regular American general education school. To be honest, it was one of the breakthroughs in my life, because one thing is, when you live in Kyrgyzstan under the care of your parents, another is when you're a 17-year-old boy leaving at another end of the world completely alone. In this state, virtually no one has heard of Kyrgyzstan. And for the first time, it seemed like I was all alone.

Opportunities in America

To me, a trip to the states has become a good lifelong lesson. I've become more self-sustained, I realize that in this life, it's all about me. During the year there were no friends or parents who could just help or support me.

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