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Hello, everyone!

In this review, we have gathered the best books on the track to read on leisure. Frequently, to get off the monitor screen or just spend some time with good use, we love reading books. The best break from the big flow of information is the evening with a good book that will make your head work a little differently.

Specially for the translators, Trading Floor, we wrote a big story about the Triding books.

Before the article begins, we recommend the inclusion of the tracks created by our trader Arthur.

List of books:

(With the name of the band or the picture of the book, you're going straight to the description)

- Formal analysis-

1. “Financial reporting for managers and starters”

The reporting season is the best time for the detreder: many good moves related to company performance are emerging in the market and chances of earning up to the maximum. Financial reporting is one of the key indicators followed by most traders in the market. The author submits the book as a textbook and understandably introduces the reader into the financial analysis. The book is very readable, there are self-sustaining tasks, real examples of financial statements from companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Gasprom, etc. If you want to study financial statements and not get confused with figures, we advise you to read this book.

2. Financial instruments

There's a legend among the traders - who reads this textbook and understands it, he's gonna take rabid money off the market.

4. "Option, futures and other derivative financial instruments."

Classic book on technical analysis. John Murphy describes in detail the construction of schedules and reading methods, defines terms such as trends, time cycles, market indices. I recommend reading for a better understanding of the market structure.

2. “The art and science of Technical Analysis”

In this method, Anton elaborates on the basic concepts in the NYSE market, gives justification to ECN, types of warrants, indices and many others, newcomers - Must Have.

4. Deutredingu Metody

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