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The Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership (TCT) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) are capable of changing the foundations and norms of international law in the near future, where institutions such as the United Nations, WTO, the World Bank and IMF will lose importance. Many analysts link their emergence with the establishment of the New Development Bank established by BRICS countries and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, led by China.

Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership The Huffington post recently encroached “economic NATO”. But as early as 2012, the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, in support of the Transatlantic Trade Treaty, which should have contributed to the creation of new jobs, called it an “economic NATO” to re-establish links between old allies. Three years later, a candidate for president from democracies shows less enthusiasm about this organization.

“In the United States, TTIP was in the shadow of its Pacific colleague, Trans-Pacific Partnership (TCT). The sceptics that fear the influence of both treaties on American jobs include progressive democracies and the tea party and protectionists and trade unions.

With regard to geopolitical benefits, the apologes of the treaty refer to free trade, which could lead a new life into an alliance and set out benchmarks that China and other developing Powers could not ignore in future trade transactions. Russia ' s international propaganda machine would also be concerned about the potential to strengthen transatlantic ties " , confident of journalists Politico.

" Unlike traditional free trade treaties, tariff reductions are not the case. They're already low, an average of 3 per cent. TTIP focuses on eliminating " non-tariff barriers " - harmonization of standards, deburocratization and enhancement of guarantees for investors, making trade easier and cheaper, and exporters will not have to adapt to a double set of rules.

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