Нападение на Уолл-стрит (2013)

Wall Street Attack 2013

Испорченный Робин Гуд: реальная история «волка с Уолл-стрит»Martin Skorsese ' s film " Volk from Wall Street " , which enters the Russian rental on 6 February, many critics have already encroached on the best work of the director and the better role of Leonardo de Caprio over the years. In the history of financial fraudsters, sex, drugs and money were mixed. The story is based on Jordan Belfort's memoirs about his hard career in Stratton Oakmont brokering firm.

And while Skorsese and di Caprio are interested not so much in the details of the securities machinations, but in the demonstration of shameless hedonism, the tape is accurately portrayed as one of the first public disclosures of Belfort on the Forbes pages. The author, Roula Halaf, now the editor of the International Financial Times Division, did not come up with the phrase " Wall Street " , but called Belfort the " spoiled Robin Hud, who takes away from the rich and gives herself and her fun brokerage " . That's what the events described in 1991 looked like.

When Jordan Belfort It was twenty-three years, he went from one house to another, selling meat and seafood on Long Island in New York, and he wanted to be rich. In a few months, he had his own freight network, and he delivered 5,000 pounds of beef and fish a week. But Belfort was growing too fast, and he just didn't have enough capital. Twenty-five years, he announced personal bankruptcy.

Статья про Белфорта в Forbes, 1991 год"I've been quite talented, I'm squeezing the eloquent Belfort, now 29 years old. - But the profit was small. "

He started looking for more liquid items, and he found stocks. Stations, shares, in terms of this spoiled businessman, there is no special difference. Today, Belfort has owned the Stratton Oakmont brokering firm, located in Lake Saxess, New York, and specializing in the imposition of doubtful securities to eminent investors. While this product can be " snuffed " as meat and fish, it seems to be profitable. This year, the revenue earned by Stratton from commissions is $30 million. The firm is proud to have almost 150 brokers working for it. Belfort, which owns more than 50 per cent of Stratton, earned $3 million in the last year alone.

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