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Bull And Bear On Wall Street

A picture of this blinded rage ready to attack a bull takes an honorable place in the photoalbom of every traveler in New York. The 3200 kg bronze statue is located in Square Bowling Green, near the famous Manhattan Street Wall Street, so the Attack Bulls are often called "Wall Street." .

By the way, the connection between a rabid bull is a popular symbol of New York, which comes to love the good thousand tourists every day, and a street that has become a symbol of business turnover is not just in the name and geographical location.

An angry beast with tense muscles and spicy horns, the whole spectacular desire to fall into the enemy, as it represents the aggression of the financial world, because Wall Street is the historic centre of the business quarter where the famous New York Stock Exchange is located.

The bronze bull, with 3.4 metres high and almost 5 metres long, was created by the initiative sculptor, Arturo Di Modik, an Italian American, after the collapse of the stock market as a symbol of the elevation and inflexible spirit of the American people.

At $360,000 for the manufacture of the statues, in December 1989, Arturo delivered a bull truck to the stock exchange building and set it up, making a gift to the compatriots by Christmas. However, the city authorities did not approve the sculptor initiatives and withdrew the statue, but soon, under the Natese public protest, they were forced to return the beloved bull, but they were forced to choose another place in Bowling Green Square, a few blocks south.

The unbelievable popularity of the bronze monument is difficult to enforce the laws of logic - there are many tourist attractions in the Americas, but the knowledge of the depressed aspole is sometimes compared even with the " raging " . Freedom statues. I don't think Arturo Di Modik was supposed to be such a resonance, giving and embodying his creative idea.

Today, he continues to be the sole proprietor of sculpture copyright, but in 2004 he stated that he was ready to sell the Attack Bull, provided that the buyer left the statue at its previous location.

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